How it all began...

Hi, my name is Liezel Huber.

Liezel and Tony I was born in Durban, South Africa and am a 29 year old professional tennis player (bio on I married Tony Huber in 2000 and have been a resident of Houston, Texas since 1997.

My partner and I won the Wimbledon doubles title in July 2005 and 5 days later I severely injured my knee. I endured pre-op therapy for 4 weeks and then had surgery 5 weeks ago. My rehab is going well and am working hard towards a full recovery. I intend returning to the tennis tour in 6-9 months time.

My mother came over from South Africa to assist us and drive me to rehab. On one of our return trips we heard the news of Hurricane Katrina and the devastation that it had caused. We turned the TV on as soon as we got home and couldn't believe what we were seeing!

I immediately contacted our church to see what we could do to help. The following day our Church was opened as a shelter and before long were hosting 100-200 people. We provided food and clothing, but were determined to do more. While volunteering on the Friday, we took a 59 year old lady called Alonia to the insurance company. She could have been my mother and here she was going through this and we had a roof over our heads! I felt extremely sad and couldn't sleep at all that night. I cried and said to Tony that we had to help them! Well, the next day we moved their 8 member family into a 3 bedroom apartment. They are now our newly adopted family!

I was so excited and wanted to share my excitement, so I emailed everyone I knew asking for help with clothing, furniture or maybe a gift card. The response I received was extremely overwhelming! The donations have been coming in from everywhere. It looks like we won't just be helping this family now, but many more!

Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart.

Dated: 10 September 2005