Adopted Families

Liezel's Cause will be helping a number of families and we would like to introduce you to our first! Meet the Riggelton family.

The Riggelton Family

Riggelton Family

They are extremely grateful and appreciative to everyone that has helped them by donating. They now have a fresh start thanks to your generosity.

Mervyn loves his new school and has made lots of new friends. Ben is an assistant manager at McDonalds and has a second job at Wal-Mart. Deidres volunteers at the church and Nolan will be 1 one the 29th of September (took his first steps last week). 10 Sept 2005

The Wright Family

Wright Family

Meet Quentin and his wife, Tameka, John(9), Justin(2) and Kaelyn(1). We were helping them get settled here in Houston, but then Quentin's job has moved them to Tallahasse. They left for their long drive this morning. John started school in Houston and loved it, but will start school again on Monday in Tallahasee. Hopefully they will be able to get Justin into school too, as he is very active. Kaelyn loves being held by mommy.

We were able to help them with clothing, a few toys for the little ones and money to get them into their apartment right away and for their immediate needs. We will miss them! 15 Sept 2005

The Jenkins Family

Jenkins Family

Zach and Venus, brother Clayton and older sis. As you can see we had gone to Wal-mart and bought some bedding and a much needed kitchen table and chairs! Dad assembled it very nicely and I got to see the finished product today when we delivered their beds! They love their new home. Clayton has made a lot of new friends, not just at school but in their neighbourhood. When I get there he is always outside with his basketball. Big sis wants to be outdoors too, but still working on finding her a bike. Then she can be just like her brother... making lots of new friends! 20 Sept 2005

The Franklin Family

Franklin Family

There is so many of them, but a great thrill to have met them and to be able to help them. Mother Patrina stays very busy! They too love their new apartment! Best of all, they live across the street from their new church. They too will be sleeping on their new beds tonight and eating a home cooked meal! 20 Sept 2005

We moved 3 families in today. The moving truck did not get returned today... It's been a long day...

Hurricane Rita

One of the families (a lady and her 7yr old daughter) we are helping from Hurricane Katrina, whom we moved in on Monday tried evacuating to Dallas. After 15 hours on the road, they had travelled a total of 25 miles! She called me and said they were almost out of gas. We told them to turn around and to come and stay with us, as we are not too far from where they were. She didn't mention that she had all her aunts, uncles, cousins, their children, grandma, etc. with her.

Last night we were a total of 19 in our house! All beds were occupied as well as sleeper couches, matresses, blow-up beds and sleeping bags. We had dinner for 19 - spaghetti, vegetables, bread, fruit and cookies and then this morning we all had breakfast too! Before they left, we emptied my gas cans into their cars to ensure that they made it home, which they did!


Now we are are doing the last bit of preparation for the storm.

Just wanted to let you in on our eventful time here in Houston!

Thanks for the support and keep us in your prayers.

U-Haul Trip

This weekend was hectic! Ruthie (left) and Mariaan (centre) drove a U-Hual truck full of donated items from Atlanta which took them 15 hours! On the right is my friend Cas, an angel who has helped me everytime I have called her. This picture was taken of us having a break after we had unloaded half the truck. Once we had unloaded the truck we reloaded it with furniture to deliver to 4 of our families.

U-Haul Trip

We also want to thank U-Hual in Atlanta for supporting our Cause and giving us a deal on the truck! Thanks again to Mariaan for working non-stop this past month making the collections. Thanks to Cas and Ruthie too! 3 Oct 2005

The Jenkins Family Update

This is a update picture of the Jenkins family. They are all smiles after we had made our delivery! The girls were especially excited because they now have so many Barbie things to play with!

Jenkins Family

More Donations

Tony and Glenn flew to Tampa, FL on Friday. They stayed the night with Gigi and drove her truck back. Gigi's truck was packed to the top and Tony and Glen couldn't even fit their overnight bags in the back!! They had a few problems with the truck and a 15 hour trip took them 24 hours.

Thanks for doing this Tony and Glenn. We didn't get a picture of them, as they arrived back at 6am and went straight to sleep! A huge thanks to Gigi for donating all the furniture and also for giving your time to make all the rounds collecting.

I could never thank any of you enough! 3 Oct 2005

Laci and Baby Shaun

Laci and Baby Shaun

Laci Rouzan and baby Shaun. Dad (also Shaun) was still at work.

Shaun is a healthy baby boy and turned 6 months old last week! He doesn't just love his mommy, but Aunt Liezel too! Shaun and Laci are a newly-wed couple and have been dealt many things so far. I am happy to say they are Houstonians now! 11 Oct 2005

Pennia Family

Pennia Family

Teri and Patrick Pennia run a big household! Not only do they have 3 kids (Donald, Patrick and Sarah) but also their nephew, DeWayne and grandpa (77) rounding up the big Pennia Family!

The kids are in school. Mom and Dad are working hard. Now they are looking for a home that is a bit bigger so they can get settled in their new home and new schools. 11 Oct 2005

We are moving two more families over this weekend. Keep 'em coming... (that's with my Texan accent!)

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