Cries in the arms of his father.

Hurricane Katrina evacuee Donald Trask III cries in the arms of his father, Donald Traskas, as the two wait for a bus at the I-10 Causeway exit refugee encampment Saturday, Sept. 3, in New Orleans.
Travis Spradling


Please sign our guestbook. Your encouragement for victims and helpers will be much appreciated! Sign guestbook here...

Guestbook Entries

Hi Liezel! I'm a big fan of Lindsay Davenport! I would like you to win the Gold medal! And Liezel, you're doing a great job here! It's good yo have people like you in the world!
From: Jimmy - 14th Aug 2008
Location: Oviedo, Spain

Hey Guys!!
Just got a chance to check out your website and all the wonderful things you are continuing to do. I am truly thankful for all your help. Tony and Liezel you made my transition a very comfortable one with all your support and encouragement. I wish you all the best as God continues to shower His many blessings on all of your endeavors. Luv you much!!! God bless you!!
From: Natalie Mott - 19th Jun 2008
Location: Katy, Texas

I was just reading about your charity in Tennis magazine. I think it is just wonderful that you are helping out the victims of Hurricane Katrina.
From: Rose - 17th Apr 2008
Location: Forestville, Maryland

Hey.. I am a friend of Natalie Mott.. You were a great blessing for her in the event of Hurricane Katrina.. I havent seen her any more than once since then.. I dont know if you guys still have contact with her or not.. But if possible, it would be such a blessing if you could connect me to her.. Thanx a bunch
From: Derek Coleman - 10th Mar 2008
Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Again my darling you and your family have my prayers. I will be praying for strength and hope. Take my dearest friend I love you and Tony with all my heart. Please tell your mother and father hello for my.
From: Alonia Riggelton - 13th Dec 2007
Location: New Orleans,La.

Liezel u're not only a GREAT double player, but also a GREAT person, u're doing much for many people... i think this is much more than the winning of a tournament!

A big kiss, salvatore
From: salvatore - 28th Oct 2007
Location: Milan(Italy)

Hi Liezel,

Im a fan of yours from India. I knew that you were a good doubles player, but really started getting to know more about you after your triumphs with Sania Mirza as your partner. I have been following your career ever since and am so happy that you could repeat your grand slam success at the Australian Open and Wimbledon this year. Have been following your blog on the WTA tour website and was lead to this site.

I am totally in awe of you after seeing the tremendous efforts that you have made to ensure that these families were able to get a chance to bring their lives back on track after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

Your dedication has been profoundly inspiring and has made me an even bigger fan of yours.

I wish you all the success for the rest of your career and your life ahead.

May God shower his choicest blessing on you.

With love from India.

From: Kynan - 4th Sep 2007
Location: Bangalore, India

Hi Liezel,

Just a few words to congratulate you for all that you've been doing with Liezel's cause. I'm so proud to be a fan of yours.
Keep going, you're great, both on court and off court.
See you,

From: Stephanie - 7th Aug 2007
Location: Paris - France

Hey Liezel and Tony looks like everything is going great, have been watching you on the tennis channel. If you ever find your way to Atlanta don't forget your old freinds. Congrats on the cause you are both wonderful people. Take care and keep in touch.
From: Peter Mason - 6th Aug 2007
Location: Atlanta GA

Just a note to say I love and miss you and Tony. Liezel, I am so proud of you today I was looking at the tennis matches and I saw you on a commercial. You look great! Take care keep that wonderful heart and smile love Alonia. Never ever forget how much I love and appreciate you and Tony.
From: Alonia Riggelton - 27th Jun 2007
Location: Andry Street

Hi Liezel. I'm one of your numerous French fans. I have to congratulate you for your cause, it's fantastic. It shows that tennis players are generous.
Keep on the good work!
From: Solene - 19th Jun 2007
Location: Paris

It's great to see that you're still at it! Keep punching the bag!
From: John Robinson - 15th Apr 2007
Location: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Hi Liezel and Tony,

Saw the sign for tennis ranch on Mueschke Rd today. I pass by everyday on my way to our office which is down the driveway next to the Buddist Temple. Congratulations! Great job with all of your endeavors. Looking forward to seeing you soon when you are back in Houston.

Susan Bollinger
From: Susan Bollinger - 23rd Mar 2007
Location: Houston, Tx

Go Liezel go. You're doing a great job.
From: Andrew Aylward - 16th Feb 2007
Location: London

Great job in Oz and last week.S.A and Zim will be proud of you and Cara.Keep up the good work with the Katrina victims.Alle goete Crombie
From: crombie hatfield - 13th Feb 2007
Location: San Diego,California ex Durbs

Hello Liezel,
Just few lines to congrats. you for your good work and generosity. I went to School in South Africa, and while there I never really enjoy myself since people had attitudes that did not fit in my agenda. Anyways, so I left your country with this bad image of South Africans, but after going through your site I just realized that not all South Africans are the same and truly you are a very different breed and the best I must say. Keep up the good work and all the best in your life. and many many lucks and wins..
From: Florence - 11th Feb 2007
Location: Valencia, CA

Hello,Lizel and Tony,
good luck for Gaz de France ,I am a tennis fan from China.Hope you can come to China for China Open in Sept. and introduce ur causes to Chinese fans.
From: Rod - 10th Feb 2007
Location: Jiangsu Province,P.R.China

HI Liezel, Big congrats on winning Oz Open 07! Its fantastic, You and Cara are deserved it! =) Keep the Hard work and what you have done to these people are amazing! God Bless You and your family!
From: Dian Pratama - 6th Feb 2007
Location: Perth

Hi Liezel
Congrats on winning the Aussie Open. What you are doing is fantastic. Keep it up.

Jenny Laret (now Daly)
From: Jenny Laret - 30th Jan 2007
Location: Durban, South Africa

Hi there,
I frown when South Africans go overseas to make their money, and it's like they forget about us. But you are truly an ambassador for our country. You make us proud. Thank you- for all your humanitarian acts. This country should do a lot more to keep people like you in the green & gold. ( Pity you don't play rugby- they make a fortune)
From: celeste steeman - 30th Jan 2007
Location: Cape Town SA

Hi Liezel,

I also just decided to do a little search to see how you were doing and come across Liezel's Cause... I'm amazed at the work that you and Tony have been doing and what an inspiration you guys are! Congrats on last year's win at Wimbledon was very proud and excited for you. Keep up the fantastic work on Liezel's Cause.

From: Toni Hope - 22nd Nov 2006
Location: Lodon, UK

Hello Liezel and Tony, I always enjoyed serving the two of you at the Nasdaq, Family Circle, and Pilot Pen every year. It was a pleasure valet your big truck and watching you play tennis. You guys are great people and a wonderful cause. I am almost finished with my travels around America for the "Patriotic Spirit" book in which the proceeds go to the victims of 911, Oklahoma bombing, and the 2005 Hurricanes. Take care, Chris
From: Chris Seman - 13th Nov 2006
Location: Newtown, Connecticut

Dear Liezel

I follow your Tennis Career on the WTA web as in SA there are no news about you. Well done for this year(considering recovering from an injury), I think you did great. All the best with your project. You are an inspiration. My prayers are with you.
From: Minette Horn - 7th Nov 2006
Location: Johannesburg, SA

Hi Tony,
What a great thing you and your wife are doing. Ashley Ronald
From: ashley ronald - 14th Oct 2006
Location: Houston

Hallo niggie

Laat op 'n vrydag middag sit ek by die werk en besluit toe om 'n internet search te doen op die naam Liezel Huber. En raai wat daar is 68 000 webpages waarop jou naam voorkom !!! Dit het my gelukkig ook by Liezels cause uitgebring. Ons is baie trots op jou en Tony en mis julle verskriklik.

Jou Ma en Pa het my vertel van Liezel's Cause maar ek het nooit verwag dat dit so great projek was/is nie.

Ons wens julle net die beste toe en hoop om julle gou weer te sien.

Groete Wouter en Die De Vosse
From: WOUTER DE VOS - 6th Oct 2006
Location: Pretoria South Africa

Liezel and Tony,
It's so encouraging and inspiring to see what you guys are doing. God bless you in all your efforts. I work at a church and teamed up with a praise and worship ministry. Let us know how we can help.
Blessings, Ryan Fitzwilliam (tell Janus hello)
From: Ryan Fitzwilliam - 23rd Sep 2006
Location: Boca raton, Florida USA

Hey guys,
This is awesome that ya'll are doin all this, you guys make the world a better place! I've been followin your feats on and now off the court and i very impressed, its hard to believe that between the two of you yall have been my tennis coaches as i grew up, i had stopped playin but am trying to get back into it, but am very inspired by the both of you, thanks for everything!!
From: Peter Mason - 16th Aug 2006
Location: Houston, Texas

Tony & Liezel:
Congratulations on a job well done. We are all so very proud of you and feel honor to know you. You are a blessing to us all. Thank you for caring!!!!
From: Patty, Crys, Chan - 15th Aug 2006
Location: Media, PA

Hi Liezel
Congratulations on all your success in all areas of your life. My Mom and Dad are visiting and we decided to look you up on the Wimbledon site to see how you are doing in the tournament. Then I thought I would look up more details and I found this website. You and your husband should be so proud of yourselves and I am proud to know you - even if I haven't seen you since we were kids playing around the tennis courts. I am so happy to see how well you are and how well you represent yourself and your country. Send me an email sometime and we can catch up.
Best wishes and God bless.
From: Gillian Beswick - 1st Jul 2006
Location: Connecticut, USA


Julle doen ongelooflike werk. Ek bid vir julle en is trots om n Suid Afrikaner te wees as ek na jou werk en tennis kyk.

Baie sterkte.
From: Elize Behr - 24th Jun 2006
Location: Canterbury, Kent, UK

Liezel & Tony, This is the first time I've seen your website. You guys have exceeded your reputations for caring and generousity. What an impressive undertaking! Good Karma. Take care, John
From: John Holladay - 14th Jun 2006
Location: La Jolla, California

Hi. I only PAYPALed $5.00 today to the cause, as its on a special account I keep for online payments, and there wasn't much money in it today. But, I will remember you in the future. I'm proud of you, your husband, Martina, and all the people who care. Keep up the great work.
From: Nancy J - 27th May 2006
Location: Culver City, California

Hey Liezel and Tony!
I met both of you at Van Der Meer academy back when I was training in spring of 1995! (Liezel, I was friends with Line (from Norway) and Dominique Glinzler!). Anyways, it has been really fun to follow your career (congrats on Wimbledon last year and everything else you have done!) I wish you all the best and hope sometime in the near future to see you and Tony at a tournament!
Congratulations on this amazing site (humanitarian award too) Well done!!!

Chris Gathman!
From: Chris Gathman - 23rd May 2006
Location: Boston

Liezel, I really do admire your efforts! Being a South African, it makes me even more proud in what you are doing! I really do hope that our Lord God blesses you immensely in both your private and professional life! May He also send the blessings from above and help those victims of Hurricane Katrina and Rita.

Thanks - you are truly "Proudly South African"
From: Gerhard - 28th Apr 2006
Location: Stellenbosch, South Africa

I had a very bad day at my office today and was frustrated with myself. Then I came across this via WTA Tour website and i felt how privileged I am. I am happy for you. Please keep up the good work.

P.S - Just wanted to let you know that, I know you after Sania Mirza partnered with you for doubles.
From: John Moses - 27th Apr 2006
Location: New York

Keep up the good work mate!
From: Andrew McShea - 27th Apr 2006
Location: Brisbane, Australia

Liezel And Tony

What a great heart you guys have..
what a wonderful thing you have done...
Brings tears to me eyes...
your a great inspiration to all of us...
God bless you...
From: Evie Dominikovic - 26th Apr 2006
Location: Australia

Liezel and Tony,

That was great to spend part of the day with you yesterday. I am very impress with your devotion into such a important cause.

From: Yves, Patricia, Isabelle, Justin Boulais - 12th Apr 2006
Location: Hilton Head, SC

I always cheer you on in your matches now I cheer you on off court too! if you run into Amanda Coetzer and or Jeff Coetzee send them my regards!!
From: Stephan B - 7th Apr 2006
Location: Yonkers NY

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with all you have done for the hurricane victims. We meet Liezel when she was playing tennis at the Bausch and Lomb Tennis in 2005. She fell in love with a puppy that we (Nassau Humane Society) had at the tournament for adoption. But when she and Tony went to visit the shelter and saw all the adults looking for a second home she said let the families that have kids get the puppies we will adopt a adult dog! Off they went with Dora the Explorer! We knew she had a big heart but after reading about all she has done with Liezels Cause she has now become our biggest hero! You are wonderful! Thanks Sparky
From: Sparky Weitzel - 5th Apr 2006
Location: Amelia Island Florida

You both inspire me to do more for others in need!
Keep up the good work on and off the court.
From: James - 3rd Apr 2006
Location: New York

Liezel & Tony, You guys are wonderful. Keep up the great work.
From: Terrance Alexander - 22nd Mar 2006
Location: Fort Wayne, IN

Much respect to you and Tony for being such fearless leaders!
From: John Robinson - 7th Mar 2006
Location: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Hey Congrats!!!!!!!!! on winning Bangalore Open Doubles 2006, Wonderful - I enjoyed a lot, All the very best to your future, God bless you always and keep you healthy.
I simply love you a lot for just what you are.
Great job!! You are helping the needy!!! what else to expect from you. None would have ever thought a person like you can spare time and has a big heart. God will always keep you happy. I am sure you have lot of fans in India after the Bangalore Open Doubles 2006.
From: Wilma Sequeira - 23rd Feb 2006
Location: Mangalore,India

From: KHADIJAH - 14th Feb 2006
Location: MACON,GA

Liezel honey U ARE JUST AMAZING. We need people like you all over the world. Congrats and hope to see you soon around.

From: carl - 25th Nov 2005
Location: tampa, fl

What an honor and a pleasure it has been to know you for all of these years. You have never missed an opportunity to be nice to anyone you have met and this great thing you are doing is just another giant step on your travels thru life.
From: Jerry and Luanne Utter - 10th Nov 2005
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Thanks for the interesting and informative site. That's definitely what I've been looking for.
From: Shapewear - 1st Nov 2005
Location: USA

Liewe Liezel,
Het op 'n baie mooi gedig afgekom en dink toe dadelik aan jou. Dit is deur Totius:

Daar het 'n doringboompie
vlak by die pad gestaan,
waar lange ossespanne
met sware vragte gaan.

En eendag kom daarlanges
'n ossewa verby,
wat met sy sware wiele
dwars oor die boompie ry.

Jy het mos, doringstuikie
my ander dag gekrap,
en doorom het my wiele
jou kroonjtie plat getrap.

Die ossewa verdwyn weer
agter 'n heuweltop,
en langsaam buig die boompie
sy stammetjie weer op.

Sy skoonheid was geskonde,
sy bassies was geskeur,
op een plek was die stammetjie
so amper middeldeur.

Maar tog het daardie boompie
weer stadig reggekom,
want oor sy wonde druppel
die salf van eie gom.

Ook het die loop van jare
die wonder weggewis,
net een plek bly die teken
wat onuitwisbaar is.
From: Mariaan - 28th Oct 2005
Location: Atlanta, GA

Just reading your guestbook and the adoption activity you have accomplished is more then enough expected from one person. You will be rewarded with wonderful stories, friends, and new families. You must be a wonderful person.
From: dimak - 28th Oct 2005

Hey Liezel this is a wonderful thing you are doing to help these victims you are a very thoughtfull person. Well done and hope you a going well.
From: Trudi Musgrave and Adam Clare - 28th Oct 2005
Location: Australia

Liezel and Tony,and Mom, I write a thousands words and still not be able to explain what you all have done for my family. All I can say is that I love you all forever.
From: Alonia Riggelton - 23rd Oct 2005
Location: 5650 TimberCreekPlaceDrive Houston,Tx 77084

HEY GIRL..... we love your webiste !!
From: Sally, Sheri and Korin - 23rd Oct 2005
Location: seattle

Die Horn-familie in SA is baie trots op die wonderlike werk wat jy daar vermag. Sukses en Seënwense word jou toegewens in dit wat jy daar doen! Spoedige herstel!
From: Dienie Horn - 11th Oct 2005
Location: Free State, SOUTH AFRICA

Dear Liezel and Tony,

Just wanted to a short note and say that you are both amazing! I know that everyone that you touch or come in contact with, will shine a little brighter. Be good and take care of yourself!
From: Mariaan - 10th Oct 2005
Location: Atlanta, GA

The world needs more people like you and Tony. God Bless your health and cause. My sister Rosann is a great fan of yours.
Bonnie Schmidt
From: Bonnie Schmidt - 22nd Sep 2005
Location: Spencer, Indiana

Liezel & Tony,
Thank you so much for your generosity and spirit. It is people like you, who give hands on help to people who need it, who make all the REAL difference in the world. I think I speak for all of the staff here at WTA when I say we are proud of what you are doing and that we will continue to send donations. Blessings to you!!!
From: Deborah Tuthill - 21st Sep 2005
Location: WTA Tour Staff Member-St. Pete, FL

All the best with your recovery from your knee operation. Our prayer and thought are with you. Keep up the good work. We are proud of you! Lots of love. Mom, Dad, Janus & Lara
From: Jan, Sica & Janus Horn - 21st Sep 2005
Location: Durban, South Africa

Goeie werk van n goeie siel!
From: Marius - 20th Sep 2005
Location: Johannesburg, Suid Afrika

Hi Liezel,
As one of the "displaced" people from SE Louisiana, I extend my appreciation to you for your assistance with those from my area now living in Houston.

You are one in a million.....

Congrats on Wimbledon, and best wishes with your rehab.

Best Wishes.
Heidi Miller
From: Heidi - 19th Sep 2005
Location: SE Louisiana

What a blessing. I'm so happy that I'm able to help. Please keep us all updated. My family sends its prayers.
From: Brian Vahaly - 19th Sep 2005
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Mamparra and Tony,
What wonderful work you are doing! Such an inspiration to all. Congrats on Wimbledon, we were overseas and missed that you had won!! Good luck with rehab and get back out there soon.
Lindy, Rob & Nicholas
From: Lindy - 19th Sep 2005
Location: Southern California

Hi Liezel and Tony
I remember you from the SA-USA days (Mampara). Just read about your wonderful work and sent you what I can afford. You are a wonderful example of fellowship.
From: Anne - 19th Sep 2005
Location: London, England

Just reading your guestbook and the adoption activity you have accomplished is more then enough expected from one person. You will be rewarded with wonderful stories, friends, and new families. You must be a wonderful person.
From: Jim Grove - 18th Sep 2005
Location: Bluffton, SC

Watter wonderlike iets om vir jou medemens te doen. Ons bid jou sterkte toe!
From: Hankie - 18th Sep 2005
Location: Australia

All i can say is wow...! What you two have done is truely incredible and im so glad i can help...You amaze me!
From: Lisa Raymond - 17th Sep 2005
Location: Wayne, Pa

I am a friend of Natalie Mott and I can not say thank you enough. I met Natalie while my family was stationed in New Orleans (my husband is in the Navy). Natalie is truly blessed to have met you. Liezel you are doing something that will really impact others lives. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and I will support you the next time you are at Amelia Island!
From: Tracy Gillard - 17th Sep 2005
Location: Jacksonville, FL

Liezel, you are a wonderful person, I have heard so much about you from my mom, Rosann. Next time you are in Amelia Island to play tennis we will come and cheer for you. The world needs more people like you.
From: Mary, Jeff, James and Ben Pauly - 16th Sep 2005
Location: Palm City, Florida

Liezel and Tony, You are the best and what a wonderful way you are helping people. We send our love and support. I forwarded your site to my daughter in NY and she was really impressed and proud of you.
From: Rosann & Bob Touchette - 16th Sep 2005
Location: Amelia Island Fl

Liezel and Tony,
I am a friend of Brooke Cabianca. You are an inspiration. God bless you and all the victims!
From: Ana Castano-Mears - 15th Sep 2005
Location: Coppell, TX

Hi Liezel... it has been a pleasure to have met you, and to be able to see the wonderful work you have done. Thank you so much for helping those devastated by Katrina!
From: Heather Munoz - 15th Sep 2005
Location: North Platte NE

Liezel and Tony, I am a friend of Brooke Cabianca here in the DFW area. We too are seeing first hand what Katrina's devistation has done to so many lives. God bless you for stepping forward to help turn around some of the victims lives.
From: Robyn Readicker - 15th Sep 2005
Location: Grapevine, TX

Liezal and Tony,

What a wonderful thing you guys are doing. May God give you the strenghth and patience needed for such an enormous undertaking.
From: Brenda Rodriguez - 15th Sep 2005
Location: Houston, Texas

Howzit Liezel!

Well done on your iniative... Amazing

Congrats on the Wimbledon win, and wishing you a speedy recovery.

Dees Chinniah (Westville Boys old boy)
From: Dees Chinniah - 15th Sep 2005
Location: London - UK

Liezel and Tony,
We have never met, but my mom raves about you and now I know why. She loves when you play in FL. This is a wonderful cause, you and your adopted families are in our thoughts.
Good luck,
Michelle, Jack, Hannah and Jake Naughton
From: Michelle Naughton - 14th Sep 2005
Location: Averill Park NY

We are truly proud to know you and Tony and these people are blessed to have you in their lives.
I want to thank all my colleagues and friends at Toshiba who have participated and helped pay for getting these boxes of food and clothing to you
All the best Sharki
More stuff on its way!!!!
From: Charmaine (Sharki) Ashton - 14th Sep 2005
Location: California

There should be more people like you in the world because people like you make the world a better place to live in. You are incredible.
From: Jenni Lonmon - 14th Sep 2005
Location: California USA

Liezel and Tony -

You are simply incredible and truly an inspiration!

Thank you for allowing us to help through your efforts.

From: Jennifer Kish - 14th Sep 2005
Location: Wayne, Pennsylvania

Liezel, thank God for people like you. This is a fabulous idea.
From: Jorge A. Rodriguez - 14th Sep 2005
Location: Houston

You are positively touching the lives of many people who are suffering great loss right now. Love and prayers for you, the helpers and the victims in the US.
From: Lauren Cousins - 13th Sep 2005
Location: Johannesburg - South Africa


I think Gigi said it, you are an inspiration to us all. You are the best!
From: Mariaan - 13th Sep 2005
Location: Atlanta, GA

You are doing a great thing. I will keep passing the word.
From: Lisa Herbert - 13th Sep 2005

From: Gigi Fernandez - 13th Sep 2005

Keep up the great work Liezel and all those helping!
From: Chris Burd - 12th Sep 2005
Location: Perth, Western Australia

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