Cries in the arms of his father.

Hurricane Katrina evacuee Donald Trask III cries in the arms of his father, Donald Traskas, as the two wait for a bus at the I-10 Causeway exit refugee encampment Saturday, Sept. 3, in New Orleans.
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All is well !!!!

Hey everyone!

I know a lot of you follow my tennis and keep up with me, but thought I would give you a quick update....

As always, we are very blessed. We all have roofs over our heads, food on the table and good health!

I only hear from my adopted families from time to time. That's great news! Everyone's onto a new chapter of their lives and doing just fine. I hope to see some of them when I am back in Houston or make a trip out to New Orleans to visit!!!

We opened Huber Tennis Ranch in March. It's been incredible. I'm so excited knowing that we are teaching people how to play tennis! We have "itty-bitty" kids and then of course serious older kids too!

This week we are at the French Open. It's a pretty 'big' week. Fingers crossed. GO USA!

I trust you are well and having a good 2008 so far!

PS. Go check out and
Date: 27th May 2008

Make Mine Doubles

She's a wildcat of tennis who has laid claim to a host of major titles - now Liezel Huber is aiming for Olympic gold for South Africa in 2008...

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Date: 15th Feb 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of you! I can't believe we are already in the second month of the year! The time flies when you are having fun!

We have been on the road since mid-December, which meant I had to call all my families before we left and wish them an early 'Merry Christmas'.

Laci and Sean are settled in Baton Rouge. The baby is home with them, but still requiring oxygen. Hopefully as she grows and becomes stronger, Laci will be able to return to work. Sean has been working long hours attending Law School. They are such a determined family and will make a huge success of their lives!

Alonia's left me a few messages since we have been gone. She went through a rough patch,but luckily we could help her stay on her feet and now she is doing better. Her daughter is working two jobs and is living with her boyfriend. They are talking about getting married. Alonia still living in the trailer on her property. Her house has been untouched. Alonia was being the chauffer for a while,while her daughter and her boyfriend didn't have a car. I know they were hoping to get a small one. Little Nolan is like all small boys, very active. He keeps his grandma and mom on their toes!

I was planning or at least hoping to get to New Orleans in November, but it didn't work out. Hopefully we will in March on our way driving to Miami. Would also like to stop in Baton Rouge on the way as well as Gainesville. We could catch up with four of our families on the way!

Thanks for everyone's emails and good wishes!

Until then....
Date: 1st Feb 2007

Season is Almost Over

The World Team Tennis season is almost over, which means I will return to playing tour events. It's been a terrific 3 weeks. Not just cause I have been on a nice team,but also cause it's great being back in the States!

The evening we played in Houston we had 4 of our adopted families come to the match. A couple cancelled last minute,so was sorry about that. All in all they had a great time and it was so wonderful to get to hang out with them! They left with the promise that we would get together again when I got home :-)

Alonia is moving back to New Orleans. The U-Hual truck leaves Houston the 28th of July. They will be moving her things along with her daughter's, sister's, niece's, nephew's and grandchildren's. We will miss them dearly.

So far so good with all our families. We are very blessed.
Date: 24th Nov 2006

Australian Tennis Magazine Article

When injury interrupted a golden run in 2005, life seemed grim to Liezel Huber - until the event of Cyclone Katrina in New Orleans gave her a renewed perspective. Now Huber has changed the lives of countless disadvantaged people and is recognised as one of the most generous women in the game.

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Source: Australian Tennis Magazine Sept 2006
Date: 5th Sep 2006

Second Update

Goodness this is my second attempt at updating you'll... Let's just say, I need to learn to hit the save button... Now it's another few weeks since that attempt...

Hooray! We are back in the US of A. It's been a very long European trip. I missed my own bed and of course the dogs.We are healthy though,so no complaints.

Unfortunately some our families left Houston and moved back 'home'. Fortunately they all found jobs and some even received their old jobs back. They are familiar with New Orleans and that I can understand.We keep in touch and of course help them through this tough time. Their homes are still untouched and not liveable, therefore some have moved into apartments and others, trailers.

Alonia and lil Nolan are the last of their family still in Houston. His mom (lil Alonia) has a awesome new job in the crime division of the Police. Grandma has her job cut out for her, chasing after an almost 2 year old all day.We hope to find a solution to make this work for them.

Then a big congratulations to Laci and Shaun for the birth of their second child. She was very eager to become a Texan and was born 4 months pre-mature weighing 1.2lbs. She is three months old next week and doing very well. They are expecting their little girl to come out of the hospital in the next month. I am sure it's going to be a big change for 18 months old brother Shaun.On top of this great news, is that Shaun Sr. was accepted into law school. His first class starts mid-August in Baton Rouge, LA. So that is where there new home will be. We will miss them and look forward to beautiful family pictures!

Natalie and her daughter are doing great and love being Houstonians! Natalie has been working in a medical office this past 5 months and been promoted to supervisor! Her daughter is getting straight A's and on the Honor Roll. She was debating between piano lessons and gymnastics,but think it's going to be gymnastics! They are very lucky to have their grandma(mom) and sister still living in Houston. If all goes well they will be buying their own house before long!

We are very fortunate that we have some funds to help these families.

I am playing World Team Tennis in Houston the 18th of July. I hope to have all my adopted families there! That will be awesome!

Gotto love you and leave you. (very jet-lagged)
Date: 22nd Jul 2006

First News Update

I have been very grateful to have had a full recovery after my knee reconstruction in August. The GOOD thing being able to return to what I do, play tennis. The BAD thing, leaving all my families 'behind'. Remember they hadn't met me through tennis, so for some of them it was very difficult to understand how I could just 'leave'. I changed my voicemail on my cell to only leave a message in case of emergency (international roaming is very expensive), but needless to say, I still had a ton of messages!

My tennis has taken off and I have claimed one title thus far and been in two finals.

I have received two awards too. The first one was for the WTA Tour Humanatarian of the Year 2005 which was presented by Richard Branson and the other for Community Service presented by the Bausch and Lomb Championships. Both were a huge honor of course!

We are still having some tough times during our efforts in providing for families. This week we received a letter from the Bush-Clinton fund denying us financial assistance. Their reason being that we are located in Texas. I have applied 3 times to them for funds and filled out numerous paperwork detailing our 'business' plan. It only took them 6 months to respond back to us!

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is not making it easy for the families. We have a new family needing assistance for rent for next month (which is only 8 days away), because FEMA says they need more paperwork. Now the GOOD news is that we can help them!

Our families are doing well. Some have gone back to New Orleans. Some returned to Houston again. Although they still deal with things every day and life isn't what it was back home (and probably won't be for a long while), they have adjusted nicely to Texas livin'.
Date: 8th Jul 2006

Humanitarian Award

Huber's star shines brightest

The 'Stars For Stars' is the Official Awards Ceremony of Professional Tennis. The second annual joint ATP and Sony Ericsson WTA Awards ceremony honoured tennis' finest players for their 2005 achievements at the Four Seasons Hotel Miami.

South African Liezel Huber received the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour's Humanitarian Award.

Alarmed by the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, she created a charity called Liezel's Cause along with her husband Tony to help families get back on their feet.

Sixteen different players were honoured with 21 awards during the course of the evening.

Former players Billie Jean King and Jim Courier helped make the presentations. Sir Richard Branson, the world renowned British entrepreneur behind the Virgin Brand, Florida Marlins starting pitcher Jason Vargas, two-time Indianapolis 500 winner Helio Castroneves, Boyd Tinsley of The Dave Matthews Band and Miamiís DJ GQ were among the celebrity guests at the Party.

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Date: 30th Mar 2006